Hello and welcome to my pages on the web.


I'm Steve Williams an active amateur astronomer from East Northamptonshire and on this site you can find out more about my recent observations of the night sky and my astronomical activities.


I have been interested in astronomy since I took part in a project on space at junior school.  Fired with enthusiasm from this and some advice from the late Sir Patrick Moore, I have continued to explore the solar system and the rest of the cosmos using a variety of different telescopes along the way.


My current 'main' telescope is a 6" Refractor on a driven equatorial mount.  Most of the planetary images that are included on this site have been taken using this telescope.


As well as enjoying observing and imaging the night sky, I am also actively involved in the astronomical community and I am currently the co-ordinator (and founder member) of the Nene Valley Astronomical Society as well as being a member of the Astronomical Section of the Northamptonshire Natural History Society.


If you have any questions or comments on my webpages then please do not hesitate to get in touch (astrosteveuk@yahoo.co.uk).

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