The early hours of Monday 28th September saw a Total Lunar Eclipse occur.  This took place around the time of lunar perigee, giving rise to the so called 'Supermoon'.

Before the start of the eclipse. All images taken through my 6" Refractor and Canon EOS 1000D.
The penumbral shadow was very pronounced from around 20 minutes before the Moon entered the umbral shadow. This image at 00.50UT.
The Moon entered the umbral at 1.07UT, this image was taken a few minutes afterwards.
Making progress into the umbral shadow.
Heading toward the start of totality. A slightly longer exposure brings out the eclipsed Moon.
Almost at the commencement of totality.
Totality Reached!
A wide field view of the eclipse showing the stars of Pisces.
A slightly wider field view showing the eclipsed Moon and some of the nearby stars in Pisces.
One of the darkest lunar eclipses I've seen. This one taken towards the end of totality; a little bit of local mist was picking up the sky glow.
Totality over as the Moon starts to leave the umbral shadow.
My last view of the eclipsed Moon before it disappeared behind the local tree line!